IMCAS – Proteal stands out in a comparative PRP assessment.

Feb 9, 2017 | News, Ortho, Skin

For the first time in the history of the IMCAS congress, a live comparative characterization of different PRPs has been made.

On the morning of January 26th, Proteal® and 4 other manufacturers of medical devices for obtention of PRP invited by the IMCAS Scientific Department, have met at the Alphand Clinic (Paris) to make a live comparative study of each PRP obtained with the blood of the same donor. All PRPs have been analyzed (in duplicate) by a certified hematological counter and the results have been presented at the 37th session of the same day, between 14:00 and 15:00, in a roundtable entitled: The Quality of the different PRP systems in the market.

Proteal has obtained an excellent result!

Thanks to its unique technology, a high purity PRP was obtained, practically without leukocytes or red blood cells. (See table)

Conclusion of the table: Different devices obtain different PRP, making the interpretation of the scientific results difficult. Quality control will be the next step in defining the standards for its therapeutic use.

Take Home Message: 

Each injection should be characterised in order to understand the impact of the PRP dose on the treatment’s efficacy.”

In this chapter there is still a long way to go, but Proteal® is committed to this challenge and we will have good news soon!

Thanks to the entire team of IMCAS and the team of our distributor in France for the Skin field, Benew Medical.

Other PRP sessions at IMCAS
Of all the program we highlight the sessions below, that can be consulted in the IMCAS ACADEMY:

1) January 26th (09:00-10:00 h): session 218 – Room 6 – Body surgery
PRP in augmentation and rejuvenation of body extremities – Dr Nahed SAMIR BOUGHDADY
Chairs: Dr. Pierre Sebastien Nguyen and Dr. Mohaamed Abozeid.

2) January 26th (14:00-15:00 h): session 37 – Room 6 – Product analysis: PRP
Roundtable discussion on the quality of different PRP systems in the market. The PRP obtained by each system, from the same donor, will be analyzed with a strictly technical comparative perspective.
PROTEAL PRP is one of which is going to be analyzed.
Chair: Dr. Jeremy Magalon.

3) January 27th (13:30-15:30 h): session 89 – Room 5 – PRP & Regenerative Medicine
Session of 7 presentations from a world-renowned board of speakers with very interesting topics regarding treatments with PRP.
Chairs: Dr. Jeremy Magalon and Dr. Steven T. Cohen.

4) January 28th (10:30-11:30 h): session 150 – Room 4 – Female intimate treatments: EBD & injections in the feminine intimate zone (in collaboration with the GRIRG)
Session of 5 presentations on vaginal rejuvenation with PRP and other therapies.
Highlight to the presentation of the Dr. Fernando Aznar (gynecologist-Spain).
Chairs: Dr. Cesar Arroyo Romo and Dr Fernando Aznar.

5) January (8:00-10:00 h): session 208 & 209 – Room 7 B – PRP in Alopecia & Hair restauration
2 session of 9 presentations on the treatment of alopecia with PRP and other therapies.
Chairs: Dr. Fatima Belgnaoui Berrada and Dr Amit Luthra.

And many other interesting sessions about PRP which can be found here!

Outstanding news

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