Cell concentration device


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PRP, Bone Marrow and Adipose concentrate in the Point-of-care

One single device processes different types of tissues. Its Cells emotion® technology allows you to get the most out of the biological and therapeutic potential of your patient’s cells.

Proven technology

Based on 4 main features:

  • Single differential soft centrifugation
  • Swinging Bucket rotor
  • Specific triphasic cycle
  • Minimum processing time

A complete device

Certified and safe

Duografter® II is a tested and certified medical device for ambulatory and surgical use (CE 0843) that is used exclusively with Proteal® products. Interior bucket and exterior structure with anti-impact Certified construction.

Robust and versatile

Interior made from stainless steel. Rotor body and tube adapters made of anodized duralumin, both detachable and sterilisable (Steam, ETO, Gamma). Small and portable.

Automatic and simple

Pre-set programmes and electronic lid opening. Just need to press a button. Digital control of the r.p.m., running time and self-diagnose of malfunctions.

Silent and reliable

Its magnetic induction motor gives it an almost imperceptible vibration and noise. Its mechanical reliability is guaranteed and is therefore maintenance free.

P1-2120 : Duografter®II

*In Mexico Duografter®II has the designation of Omnigrafter®1.0.

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