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Point-of-Care Regenerative Medicine

Proteal is a biotechnology company engaged in the development and manufacture of medical devices for the use and application of autologous cells and tissues as well as biomaterials for use in medical and surgical regenerative therapies.


Proteal was founded in 2004 and focuses almost exclusively on an area not well known at the time: obtaining and applying Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Sometime later developed its first product line for the concentration of adipocytes, when lipofilling was still being defined, and launched its first adipocyte derived stem cell product for veterinary, a market still very small and exclusive.

Due to its vision and the quality of its products, Proteal grows nationally and internationally and extends its portfolio, always within the concept of point-of-care regenerative medicine. Today our products and equipment are recognized for their efficiency, reproducibility and safety thanks to exclusive and patented technologies: Nanostatic, Cells emotion and Push.Out.


Our specialization has given us the national and international professional recognition thanks to the work of a highly dynamic, qualified and committed multidisciplinary team. Also to be highlighted is the collaboration of a growing group of national and international external professionals, researchers and doctors who bring us their ideas, as well as their valuable technical and scientific knowledge for the same goal: Regenerate at the Point-of-care.


We are also a Point-of-Care company with our clients and their patients.

Proteal grows day-by-day and extends its commercial network to reach further and be closer to those who need high quality bioregenerative solutions.

We remain a 100% private company and highly committed to each of our products and clients. Our headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain and we have some subsidiaries, a delegation in Mexico and a network of more than 30 international distributors.


We want to help regenerate.
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Until December 2015, our technology had contributed to:

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Proteal has its Quality Management System certified,

according with the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 by the notified body UL 0843:

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Proteal is a trademark of Soluciones Bioregenerativas S.L.