PRP concentrating system for dermatological applications 


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Reproductible quality

The patented technology Proteal® obtains a PRP with unique features, for unique results. Skin.pras® is a inimitable and versatile system that allows the selection of:

  • PRP, PPP or Total Plasma
  • 4ml of PRP with a [2,2 + 0,4] x the baseline concentration/ml
  • LP-PRP (Leukocytes reduced by 99,1%)
  • LR-PRP (LP-PRP + Buffy Coat)
  • Highly purified PRP (Red Blood Cells reduced by 99,6%)
  • Excellent platelets recovery rate (up to 79,6%)
  • Platelets without self-activation or function change. The PRP preserves all its platelet and plasmatic growth factors, besides other proteins and bioactive elements.

Average Total Dose of Platelets/ml in PRP: 565 millions*

Data from the Characterization Study of PROTEAL PRP. Lab. Echevarne; 
SCAC (Univ. Autónoma de Barcelona) Barcelona - Spain 2014. *Mean ± std. Deviation.

Designed to protect & preserve the platelets



Adaptable to all types of medical protocols (injectable, topical, gel or membrane) and with all the necessary components in a single kit.



Process complete in 15 min. (Max.).



Closed and single-use system, certified and approved by UL (ON843). For autologous therapies.



Minimum manipulation and easy handling.

Simple and accurate process





Skin.pras® 20 8ml PRP  Skin.pras® 50 10ml PRP

For better results, select:

1. The patient

The application of PRP is a medicine for human use¹. Its biological specificity makes it a unique tool for the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies, among others. However, patient selection is one of the most crucial moments in the autologous therapy and will largely determine its effectiveness.

2. The indication

  • Skin aging
  • Wrinkles, scars and fibrosis
  • Post-abrasion (laser, peeling, mechanical)
  • Burns and acute wounds
  • MAGA, FAGA and Areata Alopecia
  • New vellus hair. Thicker follicles
  • Chronic lesions (ulcers and fistulas)

3. The therapeutic effect

Reduces the healing time and improves the healing quality. Reduces fibrosis. Improves joint mobility and physical function.

Inflammation decrease
Reduces the pain and all the inflammatory process.

Increases microvasculature in the application site.

Bacteriostatic and bactericidal
On Staphylococcus Aureus and other bacterias.

4. The application moment

As the sole therapeutic agent or as adjuvant. For each case the number of sessions, dose per session and technique of application must be adjusted.

5. The composition

6. The application form

Injection, Topical, Gel or Membrane.

Therefore, facing the question:

Is any plasma PRP?

There is plenty of technology and science in the development of a device for obtention of PRP1, in order to comply with all the mandatory requirements applicable to a medical product for human use².
There are different types of PRP, therefore before referring to a plasma as PRP, the following should be clear:

  • The Platelets concentration/ml.
  • The average dosis Platelets/ml and its viability.
  • If it is Leuko-Poor or Leuko-Rich.
  • If it has Red Blood Cells.
  • The reproducibility of its features.
  • Its bio-safety.

Some plasmas are not PRP

PRP: Platelet-Rich Plasma. LP-PRP: Leuco-Poor PRP. LR-PRP: Leuco-Rich PRP. 
WBC: White Blood Cells Concentration. RBC: Red Blood Cells Concentration.
¹In Spain, PRP is a medicine according with the Spanish Agency of Medicines 
and Medical Devices (AEMPS) Resolution and Communication of 23/05/2013

Ref. P8-4020: Skin.pras® 20
Ref. P8-4050: Skin.pras® 50

*In Mexico Cutaneous.pras® has the designation of Pras®.

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