Workshop: Ecoguided regenerative medicine in pathology MSK

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Limited places

Ecoguided interventionism workshop for the application of PRP in the pathology of the device
muscle-skeletal (MSK).

The program combines a theoretical introduction on the scientific foundations and protocols
of the use of PRP in MSK pathology with an introduction to ultrasound guided infiltration.
The second part is divided into two modules: upper member and lower member. In each
module, an annotated echographic examination will be done comparing the same structures
with and without injury and the patient will be infiltrated live with PRP.

As this workshop is focused for practice, participants will have the opportunity
to know and contrast ultrasound guided exploration, diagnosis and treatment techniques
PRP in clinical cases of interest. All this in an environment that will stimulate sharing and
Discuss experiences among the assistants and the teaching staff.


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